If you want to see Warsaw with your own eyes, to learn more about it and to feel the atmosphere of this paradox of history,
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Warsaw sightseeing tours

We offer you very attractive and informative Warsaw sightseeing tours. You will see the most important and beautiful places in the capital of Poland. You will hear the turbulent and dramatic story of the city that was once almost totally wiped out from the face of the earth. You will visit the local Warsaw tourist attractions, museums and monuments. You will meet Polish people and you'll find out all about their culture. Sightseeing in Warsaw will be your unforgettable experience!

The capitol of Poland is full of contrasts. On the one hand you find here the UNESCO site of the Old Town as well as a large number of royal palaces and aristocratic residences of the past; on the other, you can see many buildings in communist style of the 1950s as well as modern office centers, hotels and residential areas. The city of Chopin and Madame Curie is waiting for you!

Chopin Tours

Frederic Chopin is the greatest Polish composer. If you want to understand the Polish soul you must listen to his music! He was raised and educated in Warsaw. He walked its streets, spent time in the local cafes with his friends and performed in palaces and theatres. He loved the city and he left here his heart. Come and walk in his footsteps! Listen to a recital, visit his museum and sit on one of his benches.

Jewish Warsaw Tour

The Jewish community of Warsaw used to be the largest in Europe. They were members of our parliament, they owned factories, palaces and businesses and represented all walks of life. They influenced our culture, language and history. During the World War II the whole community was annihilated and their whole district razed to the ground. Some of the traces of their life still remain, though. Walk in their footsteps and listen to their tragic and moving story!

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